How to Pay a Parking Ticket Online

Smart Loading Zone Enforcement Notice(PDF, 178KB)

The Duties, Responsibilities, and Functions of our Parking Enforcement Officers are:

  • to provide quality, courteous customer service
  • to protect the rights of the parking public who abide by local and state parking ordinances and laws
  • to assist in providing available parking to residents and merchants
  • to ensure that the parking public receives a fair and equitable share of available spaces.
  • to be customer friendly and promote the proper flow of traffic throughout the streets of the City of Pittsburgh.

As a representative of the Authority and the City of Pittsburgh, officers will perform their important duties and responsibilities in a professional manner at all times and to the highest standard possible.

View the Parking Enforcement's Frequently Asked Questions.

For your convenience, here is a link to the Pittsburgh City Code ordinance on general parking regulations (Article VII: Parking)

Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh - State & Local List of Infractions

Please be advised that the information provided below is for your convenience only. Note that this does not cover any “Citations” issued by the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. While they may be the same, their fee structure may vary. The Bureau of Police issues "Citations"; the Pittsburgh Parking Authority issues "Tickets".

Also note that there can be a change from time to time in the fees attached to State of Pennsylvania vehicle code violations, which may not be reflected in the information provided below. We will be diligent in our efforts to keep this information as current as possible.

State and Local List of Infractions(PDF, 274KB) (updated 1/1/2015)

City of Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances - Traffic

In order to better serve you and answer any questions you may have regarding City of Pittsburgh Traffic Ordinances - please click on this link and review the information therein.

Thank you!

Parking Variance

Email variances@pittsburghparking.com if you require a parking variance for the Residential Permit Parking areas.
Please include in your email when requesting a variance:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Address
  4. Reason for the request
  5. License plate number (including state if it is not Pennsylvania)
  6. Length of time (maximum 2 weeks)