Contact the PPA

The Administrative main office phone number is: 412 560-7275 (Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

In case of an emergency each floor in the garage is equipped with a clearly marked Panic Alarm Button, which when pressed will sound throughout the facility. A security guard and/or a Garage Attendant will respond.

There is a Garage Attendant on duty available 24/7 who can be contacted.
There is 24/7 Security in each garage, so the Security Guard on duty can be contacted.
You can always contact 911 as well.

Thank you for your attention to and cooperation in this matter.

Customer Service Policy & Value Statement

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority's paramount goal is to provide you our customers and visitors with professional and excellent quality customer service. Providing you with a quality experience, meeting or going beyond your expectations, with each and every interaction. We believe that your experience with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority should be special, satisfying, positive, and pleasant so that you will return and express, to others the courteous treatment you received at the Authority.

We are resolute in our belief that the opportunity to serve you is a privilege. The quality of your experience with the Authority is equal to the quality of our ability to meet or exceed your needs. We view our relationship with you as a mutually shared positive experience.

The ultimate goal of providing professional, respectful quality customer service to you is essential in providing you with a friendly, supportive environment, while maintaining a positive attitude in order to make you our customer feel that you are appreciated and listened to without judgement.

We appreciate and value your customer loyalty.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority
232 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412-560-7275
Fax: 412-560-7200

For Garages/2nd Ave Parking Plaza/Mon Wharf Matters - Rate/Shuttle Inquires:

For Garages/2nd Ave Parking Plaza/Mon Wharf Matters – Use of facilities for events/movies:

For Garages/2nd Ave monthly Day & Evening Lease Inquiries – Vehicle incidents:

For Pittsburgh Parking Court Inquiries:

For Pittsburgh Parking Enforcement Inquiries, Issuance of Tickets (Enforcement Matters, How to Reserve Meters and Variances ) / Residential Permit Parking Program (RPPP):

NOTE: The Enforcement Division of the Parking Authority has nothing to do with City of Pittsburgh Police issued Citations; nor with abandoned and towable vehicles.

For Residential Permit Parking Inquires:

    • Requests for assistance with the online portal
    • Requests for information about required documents or RPP area rules
    • Requests to review a parking ticket you received while waiting for PPA staff to review your permit application
    • Requests for a rental car variance

For Parking Meter System Inquires:

For Off-Street Lots & Facility Maintenance Inquiries-Contract Matters:

For Finance Inquires:

For the Executive Director:

NOTE: Please contact the 311 Response Center for general and specific citywide inquiries and concerns