The Administrative main office phone number is: 412 560-7275 (Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)

In case of an emergency each floor in the garage is equipped with a clearly marked Panic Alarm Button, which when pressed will sound throughout the facility. A security guard and/or a Garage Attendant will respond.

There is a Garage Attendant on duty available 24/7 who can be contacted.
There is 24/7 Security in each garage, so the Security Guard on duty can be contacted.
You can always contact 911 as well.

Thank you for your attention to and cooperation in this matter.

The Parking System presently consists of 11 parking garages, 33 off-street surface parking lots, 1 attended parking plaza and all on-street metered parking spaces in the City of Pittsburgh. Currently, 10 of the 11 garages are operated and managed by the Authority.

All but two (one in Oakland & one in Shadyside) of the Authority's 11 garages are located in the downtown Central Business District (CBD) of the City of Pittsburgh (the "Business District"). Also there is one attended parking plaza located downtown at Second Avenue. The 33 surface lots are located throughout the City in the neighborhood business districts.

The Authority also currently controls 458 surface parking spaces located on the Monongahela Wharf , which is attended and adjacent to the CBD.

Pursuant to a Meter Revenue Agreement with the City of Pittsburgh, the Authority collects revenues from and installs and maintains over 7,839 on-street metered parking spaces in the City of Pittsburgh. A portion of meter revenue is pledged, on an annual basis, as security for the Series 1992 A Bonds.


  • All Pittsburgh Parking Authority facilities are ADA compliant
  • While open, all garages are staffed with Authority personnel and security guards
  • The garages are setup with "Life Safety Annunciation Systems", in case a customer needs assistance
  • Each garage also offers personal assistance to your vehicle upon request