The Authority owned garages not managed by the Authority are operated pursuant to management agreements with private entities. These are awarded through a contract bidding process. Pursuant to these agreements, each manager is responsible for the operation of the garages managed by it other than the establishment of the rates and major repairs.

  • The expenses of operations and maintenance of the garages including payments to employees, utilities, insurance and repairs are reimbursed to each manager by the Authority.
  • Each manager is required, with exception of certain recurring charges such as utilities, to obtain prior authorization from the Authority for any expense item in excess of $500.
  • Each manager indemnifies and holds the authority harmless from and against any and all loss, damage and liability for any and all claims for damages on account of or by reason for bodily injury, including death, which may be sustained or claimed to be sustained by any person, including employees of such manager.
  • Each manager indemnifies and holds the Authority harmless from and against any and all damages to property, including property of the Authority caused by or arising out of or claimed to have been caused by or have arisen out of any act or omission to act on the part of the Authority, each manager or employees in connection with and arising out of the operation of the facility managed by it or the performance of the services to be rendered by such manager, whether or not occasioned by the negligence of the Authority, such manager, its agents or employees
  • Each manager is also responsible for securing all permits or licenses required to operate the garage as a parking facility and has covenanted to comply with all laws and regulations of governmental bodies, federal, state and local.

NOTE: At this time, only the Third Avenue Garage is not managed by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. It is under a management agreement.

All the other Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages are managed in-house and are operated by the
Pittsburgh Parking Authority.