Residential Permit Parking Program

This City of Pittsburgh has identified neighborhoods that can benefit from the Residential Parking Program. The purpose of the program is to maintain a system of shared use for parking spaces in neighborhoods that could be negatively impacted by commercial use. Rather than restrict parking completely, hourly time limits are established to adequately support turnover, yet still provide limited short- term parking for surrounding businesses. Additionally, the program discourages long term parking for those that work in the area or attend classes at neighboring Universities. The program seeks to guide long term parkers to paid parking lots or monthly lease opportunities.

Residents of these communities have the opportunity to buy an annual pass that exempts them from the time limited parking and allows the purchase of visitor parking permits that will exempt their guest from the restricted parking times.
How the program works:

  • Signage showing the zone and the parking limits is placed on the approved streets.
  • The public may park in the area spaces for the duration of the time listed on the signage (usually restricted to 1-2 hours)
  • Vehicles parking in that zoned area (not just one parking space) beyond the restricted time may be ticketed
  • Tickets believed to be issued in error can be appealed through Parking Court

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