How To Handle A Ticket You Feel Is Unfair

If you received a ticket for violation 543.03 "expired meter" at a meter you believe to be malfunctioning, call the Parking Enforcement Division at (412) 560-2534. An operator will take a "Broken Meter Report" asking name, address, city, state, zip code, ticket number, date ticket was issued, street you were parked on, meter number and the badge number of the issuing officer. A meter repair technician will then investigate the complaint and inspect the meter. A letter is sent to the complainant informing them of the findings of the meter repair technician. If the meter is found to be malfunctioning, a letter requesting dismissal will be sent to Pittsburgh Parking Court, by us, and a copy of that letter will be forwarded to the complainant.

If you receive a ticket for violation 543.04 "overtime parking" and you believe the meter was malfunctioning, you must appeal the ticket in Pittsburgh Parking Court. This ordinance simply states that a vehicle must not be parked in a space for longer than the allotted time for that space.

If you receive a ticket for a violation of 549.01 "residential permit parking" and you have a current and valid permit on your vehicle, please call Parking Enforcement at (412) 560-2534 immediately. An operator will help you.

If you receive a ticket for a violation of 541.01(c)(4) "street cleaning" which you feel is incorrect, you must appeal the ticket in Pittsburgh Parking Court.

Note: There is a statement on the back of the tickets that reads: "Violations of section 541.01(c)(4) shall be null and void unless violation occurs prior to an actual street cleaning." This means that an officer can not ticket for "No Parking" because of street cleaning signs. A street sweeping vehicle must go around the vehicle in order to receive a ticket for this violation.

Note: If you receive a ticket for other violations you will need to either pay the ticket or appear in court to challenge it.

Code Enforcement Complaints

Frequent and/or continuous complaints by the public about the enforcement of a particular ordinance, code or law in a certain area (e.g., signage, timing, loading zone, residential permit parking, street cleaning and the like) may indicate that a problem or confusion exists that should be remedied. All complaints of this type should be directed to the PEO supervisor. The supervisor will investigate the complaint and if necessary deal with the complainant directly. If the complaint comes from the Mayor's Service Center a response will be issued as soon as possible by the supervisor and/or designee.

Defective Meter Complaints

If while on duty an officer comes across a defective meter it should be reported. If a complaint of a defective meter is received from the public, advise the citizen to contact the Authority offices and/or make the report yourself. The meter department will check the reported defect. If a ticket was issued and the meter is found to be functioning properly and/or improperly; the Enforcement Office will provide instructions to the citizen from that point on.

There is no such thing as selective enforcement.

NOTE: While on duty and in uniform an officer is able to use local public transportation at no charge. The Port Authority of Allegheny County provides this privilege to uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers as a courtesy.